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  • Play Go | Best place to learn go, many languages available.

  • AlphaGo Teach | Let the AlphaGo Teaching Tool help you find new and creative ways of playing Go.

  • Benjamin's guide | to become strong.

  • Waltheri's web app | Waltheri's go pattern search is a web application for searching go positions such as joseki and fuseki in professional go games. It is very useful for studying. Waltheri's go pattern search uses extensive database of professional game records. Actually it contains almost 70 000 kifu with latest games.

  • WBaduk | Great lectures by professionals.

  • PlaygroundEquipment | A Kid's Guide to Playing Go (Thanks Elijah)


  • AI Sensei | AI Sensei is a tool that analyzes Go games for you. Once you upload an SGF file, it gets analyzed with Leela Zero in a powerful cloud. Then, use the intuitive web board to learn about mistakes and how the AI would have played instead. All reviews are permanently stored, so you can study them again and again, or share them with anybody.

  • ZBaduk | You can load your games and get an AI analysis or play against the AI. (Leela Zero).

  • DeepLeela | is an open-source go learning helper with leela. You can fight against Leela/LeelaZero, review your SGF, and get winrate information on your PC or mobile anywhere, anytime.

  • One playout leela | A webapp where you can play against bots with different strengths.

  • Lizzie | Lizzie is a graphical interface allowing the user to analyze games in real time using Leela Zero.

SGF & Kifu

  • GoKibitz | GoKibitz lets people comment on individual moves so that it’s easy to have specific and detailed conversations about game records.

  • Gokifu | Gokifu is а rapidly growing resource of go records.

  • Alphago's games | Presented with preview tiles at move 50. Scroll through interesting positions, and find your favorite game in 1 click. Consider this website as fan-art, a tribute to the wonderful work of Deepmind, Enjoy!

  • Go4Go | Go4Go hosts one of the most reliable and frequently updated Go game record database on the Internet, an open environment that encourages users to share their opinions in their forums.

Tsumego & Joseki & Go Problems

  • Go Problems | A comprehensive, fully-featured, and extendable go problem resource.

  • Tsumego Tasuki | A collection of tsumego problems which can be downloaded as PDF as well.

  • Tsumego Hero | Another tsumego site but this website is designed for a great user expierience by keeping track of your progress, providing rewards and making go problems fun.

  • Josekipedia | Online joseki Library.

  • Joseki Farm | A fun way to learn joseki. Place a stone on the corner and see if you know the continuation, get points and beat the highscore..

  • Eido Go | An all in one Open Source site with many tools like go problems, game collections of go professionals, joseki library, pattern search and more..

  • Black to play | A beautiful site where you can solve hundreds of go problems and improve your skills


  • Life in 19x19 | One of the largest go forums..

  • Empty Triangle | Cartoon serie about go.

  • Explore Baduk | is a huge source for go news, game reviews, weekly go problems, pro interviews and much more...

  • Shape Up! | Great book about shapes by Charles Matthews & Seong-June Kim and it's free.

  • The game of go | A historical book written in 1908.

  • River Mountain Go - 1 | for 30k - 20k by Oliver Richman.

  • River Mountain Go - 2 | for 20k - 8k by Oliver Richman.

  • Hikaru no go sequel | This is a sequel to Hikaru No Go, written by a fan. There are 79 Chapters of it, I’d recommend after watching Hikaru No Go. It’s really good.


  • Baduk movies | A collection of videos made by go professionals.


  • Sensei's Library | A go library where you can find anything on the subject.

  • Go base | One of the oldest go sites with comprehensive information and news.

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