Hikaru no go sequel

I don't know how many times I have seen 'Hikaru No Go' animation serie.. Whenever I lost motivation to play go, I started watching and before I know I was hooked back to go and usually ended up watching the whole serie to the end again. Everytime when I got to the end it made me sad that it ended.. And it ended kinda abruptly in my opinion.

So when I found out there is a sequel written by a fan, I immediately started reading it and was once again hooked. The story takes place directly after the series ends with Volume 23 with the Hokuto Cup. There are 79 chapters. It's really well connected, it feels like you continue to watch the original serie and with the same style, very well written. If you have never seen or heard of 'Hikaru No Go', you should definitely watch or read it, you can even find it in YouTube. If you don't play go, I bet you will start playing after watching the series. I highly recommend reading the sequel after the serie, you will love it.. I hope in the future 'Hikaru no go' will be continued and who knows, maybe they might just film the sequel written by Leitbur. Here is the link. Kudos to the Author Leitbur. Enjoy!