Keyoxide Mobile 1.6.0

ASP profiles, design overhaul and more...


2 min read

Hello, everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic summer. Yarmo released the API update much earlier, but we held off until it was fully matured for the app. Now, it's ripe and ready for you to enjoy. If you're not yet familiar with the ASP profiles (Ariadne Signature Profile), I recommend checking out Keyoxide blog and the latest post for more information. Here are some exciting highlights from this release:

Support for ASP Profiles: I won't delve into the technical details here, but for non-technical users interested in creating a profile, you can easily do so in the web client and add your claims directly within the client. Our app is now fully compatible with ASP profiles, offering features like deep linking and QR code support. We're also working on bringing profile creation functionality to the app, so stay tuned for updates!

Design Overhaul: Yarmo has given our design a significant facelift, resulting in a sleeker and simpler appearance. This fresh look is particularly beneficial for users with numerous claims. We've also added neat little service provider icons for the claims, enhancing your overall experience. We've strived to incorporate this new design sensibility into the app, and we're confident you'll appreciate it. Take a sneak peek:

Loading Overlay with Claim Count: We now show a loading circle with the claim count, improving user experience. We've implemented a two-step process, making an initial API call to retrieve the claim count and displaying it to the user before proceeding with verification. This change provides a much smoother and more informative experience, in our humble opinion.

Package and Flutter Version Updates: We've also updated all packages and the Flutter version, incorporating numerous upstream bug fixes and performance enhancements. While I won't dive into the specifics, rest assured that this update brings better overall stability and performance.

To sum it up, this update will soon be available in app stores. However, if you can't wait, you have the option to download the Android APK directly from Codeberg releases. You can find the app links on the dedicated mobile page or the new apps page. If you'd like to contribute to translations, please visit the translations page. Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your continued support, and we hope you enjoy this exciting update.