Keyoxide Mobile 2.1.0


2 min read

Adds Contacts Feature and Guided Tour

Hi everyone, it's been a month again and here we are with another update. In this blog post, we'll dive into the details of these new additions and how they enhance the user experience.

This update has a bunch of small changes and improvements and two new features. I'll start with the new features:

Contacts Feature:

One of the most significant addition in this release is the contacts feature. I have been meaning to implement this since some time because there are lots of people in Keyoxide circle I'd love to follow their accounts of and remembering their fingerprints or taking a note of them is just too much of a hassle. Users can now easily add profiles of people they know to their address book (contacts) within the app, view their profiles on tap or delete them on left swipe. Just a convenient and quick way to store your most visited profiles. They can also import & export the contacts to & from a json file. Because of a bug in the file_picker package, for now, export feature is implemented a bit different depending on the platform, where on iOS, the contacts are exported directly to a keyoxide_contacts.json file in the application folder and on Android, you are able to chose the export directory yourself.

Guided Tour:

In addition to the new contacts feature, we have introduced a guided tour that walks users through the app's most important features at first launch. This tutorial helps users understand how to get started with managing their personal information.

Other small changes:

  1. Flutter is updated and app is built with the latest version to date 3.19.2 which has a lot of benefits and performance improvements.

  2. All the packages and dependencies are updated to their latest.

  3. Translations are more complete now, if you would like to help with it, hit our codeberg translations.

  4. UI and bug fixes.

IMPORTANT INFO: The update might delete your current profiles and settings. Please export your profiles before updating!

That's it for this update. Enjoy and drop by the community forum or matrix space if you wanna say hi.