Keyoxide Mobile 2.2.0

Hi everyone! This will be a very short one I promise. On this update, I implemented some of the user requested features and I will walk you through two of them.

  1. Language selection in settings

    There is a new section in the settings > system called language now. You will be able to choose your preferred language or default to system which follows the system language.

  2. Profile privacy settings

    There is a new switch on the profile cards 'Hide profile', when enabled the profile will be excluded from the profile list. In the settings, you can choose if you want to include the hidden profiles in the list. If the authentication is enabled, 'Show hidden profiles' switch in the settings is protected with authentication.

On top of the new features, bunch of other stuff was updated under the hood. Lots of upstream fixes and performance improvements from the packages used. Also we now use the latest gradle build tools to build Android versions. And the flutter was updated to the latest version as well which the app was built with. I fixed and tested the data migration issue as well, your data should persist between the updates but I would still backup the contacts and profiles just in case.

Even with the resolved data migration issue, please backup your contacts and profiles before updating to prevent data loss. Especially for F-Droid builds.

This is it for now. Thanks for reading, enjoy the update! For download links, visit Keyoxide Mobile. If you'd like to help with the effort, hit Keyoxide translations, Keyoxide repository, for donations Open Collective, wanna drop by and say hello Keyoxide Matrix Space or Community Forum.