Keyoxide Mobile gets new funding!

NLnet approves new funding for Keyoxide Mobile.


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I’m pleased to announce that recently, NLnet approved a new funding to support the growth of the platform. This funding will help Keyoxide Mobile to continue to develop new features and to expand its user base.

NLnet is a Dutch foundation that supports projects related to open standards and digital rights. We're grateful for their support, which has helped us bring the benefits of secure encryption and digital identity management to even more people.

Some of the milestones in the scope of the funding are:

  • Onboarding: First launch of the app will show an onboarding screen showing short info about Keyoxide with links and docs.

  • Localization: A i18n service will be setup for the app for several languages, community will be able to translate the strings. App will get the translations from the service will be showing the selected language.

  • Contacts: The user will be able to save his/her friends profiles just like in a contacts app. A new section in the bottom navigation bar will be designed, when clicked it will show a list of saved profiles like a contacts app, shown profile tiles will be clickable which will generate the profile for quick access.

  • Profile creation: User will be able to create and store his/her key on the device and add the available claims from within the device (For signature profiles only), for unavailable claims, he/she will get directions for how to add those claims manually.

  • CI/CD setup, development and production build flavors: The app will have development and production build flavors which will make the development process safer and less error prone. A build server will be setup which will be connected to the git repository and build development and production versions from the source, upload the builds automatically to F-Droid, App store and Google Play when a release is tagged.

  • Google Play and App Store releases: At the moment the app is available in F-Droid only and it will be released to Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS.

If you are interested, you can find the complete list of the goals as a milestone on codeberg and follow their progress.

The Keyoxide Mobile App is an easy-to-use tool that helps users manage their digital identities and secure their communications on the go. The new funding will help Keyoxide Mobile to continue to develop new features and to reach a wider audience with App Store and Google Play releases, making it an even more valuable tool for those looking to establish their online identity. When the milestones are complete, you will be able to create a public key, add your claims, save and share profiles, verify your online accounts and identities without a need of a server and even encrypt your messages within the app. With this, I’d like to announce the new home for Keyoxide Mobile and the completion of the first milestone, Keyoxide Mobile is now available for free to download on Google Play, App Store and F-Droid.

In a world where the internet plays an increasingly central role in our daily lives, the need for a secure and reliable way to establish our online identities has become more important than ever. Keyoxide aims to do just that. If you wanna chip in the effort, hit the source code, join the matrix space & community forum and donate to the project.

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