Introducing the Practice Suite!

The Swiss army knife of musicians!

Hi everyone! I have been working on an app and in this blog post, I would like to introduce you to it, an open source app that combines several music practice tools in one: a metronome, tuner, recorder, and practice log. It is called "Practice Suite" and is available for free on F-Droid, Google Play and App Store.

Practice Suite

Practice Suite is an open source app developed by me, a professional musician who was frustrated with the lack of music practice tools that could integrate all of my needs. So, I decided to create my own tool that would make it easy for musicians to practice effectively and track their progress.

The app has four main functions: metronome, tuner, recorder, and practice log.The practice log function allows musicians to keep track of their practice sessions, including the date, duration, speed, and notes about what they worked on. The metronome function is a basic metronome with adjustable tempo, time signature, and accent pattern, it has the basic tempo markings built-in so you could just tap the speed next to the marking to adjust your speed as well as the tapping or holding down the speed buttons. The tuner function can help musicians tune their instrument with visual cues. The recorder function can record audio from the device's microphone in a lossless high quality wave format, and save it to the device for later playback or upload.

One of the unique features of Practice Suite is its practice log function. This function allows users to create log entries for each practice session, including details such as the date, speed, duration, and notes about what they worked on. You can also tag the log entries for quick access later on. The app can generate statistics based on the log entries, showing users how much time they have spent practicing, how frequently they practice, and how much they have improved over time. These statistics can be a valuable tool for musicians who want to track their progress and identify areas where they need to focus their practice.

Practice Suite is open source, meaning it is free to download & use and the source code is available on Codeberg, which allows other developers to contribute to the app's development and suggest new features. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, and can be downloaded from F-Droid, Google Play and App Store.

Try it out, hit the matrix chat-room, Twitter or Mastodon to let me know what you think! If you have suggestions, feature requests or issues, codeberg issues is the right place.