Keyoxide mobile 1.2.0

Photo by Onur Binay on Unsplash

Keyoxide mobile 1.2.0

Hi everyone! For those who just stumbled upon this post and asking themselves what keyokeyoxide mobilexide is, click here. We started keyoxide mobile as a demo which in time became much more then that. That's why I needed some time to re-write & re-structure the code completely to prevent having problems at a later stage when we want to add certain features, thus the extended time for an update... On this post, I just want to give you some info about what we fixed, added, removed etc...

  • When you launch the app, first thing you might notice is the new icons on the launcher or the recent apps view, they are adaptive and resize according to the device resolution.

  • You will also notice that I removed the floating action button in favor of the scanner button on the app bar as requested by Yarmo, that way it is accessible across all screens. And the theme switch button is moved to the settings screen.

  • In the shiny new settings screen, we have the theming settings first which is set to system theme by default. And then the support section with the official keyoxide links where you can seek help or ask your questions if you have any.

    Donation section is also self explanatory.. And an about section with some info about the app itself.

  • For easy navigation between the screens, I added a navigation bar which also holds our brand new user profile feature and other features to come which I won’t reveal just yet..

  • Probably the most important change and addition in the app is the user view feature. You can now save your own profile for quick access from the user tab in navigation bar. And from there, you can share or view your own profile quickly.

Lots of other small changes have been made such as, some neat animations to the profile screens, swipe left from the settings screen to quickly go back, speed dial button on profile, to be able to share fingerprint and profile link from there etc.. I won’t go into detail for the small changes and the bug fixes. But all in all, it’s a step forward in the right direction I think… None of this would be possible without the help of Yarmo, so many thanks and kudos goes to Yarmo! Please let us know what you think, there is a new keyoxide mobile section in the community forum and you can always report your bugs and feature requests through codeberg issues page. If you wanna follow me, here is my twitter and mastodon accounts. Looking forward to hear from you!

If you can’t wait for the F-Droid update, you can download it directly from the codeberg release. Enjoy it and share the love..